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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Creative Economy is Spreading and Changing Things...

The following is a blog entry from insteading.com by Beth Buczynski of the Important Media Network, an online community of bloggers, writers, editors, techies and entrepreneurs. It was also posted at http://www.matternetwork.com/2011/7/creative-economy-essential-growth-philly.cfm by Matter Network, a blog of "news and ideas for a sustainable world." 

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The Creative Economy: Essential for Growth in Philly and Beyond

by Beth Buczynski
These days, reading a headline that includes the word “economy” often means the text below contains some pretty depressing news. But a new program in Philadelphia proves that adding the word “creative” can reverse this effect.
Despite what the conservative PR machine might have you believe, it’s small to moderately-sized, locally-owned businesses that create the most jobs in America, not the giant corporations that are fighting so hard to avoid paying slightly higher taxes.
Instead of fighting each other to entice these mega-corps to set up shop within their borders, some states are abandoning traditional economic development tactics for a more nurturing approach.
Also known as economic gardening, this strategy focuses on creative an environment in which local entrepreneurs receive the support they need to create jobs for others that will remain invested in the community for many years to come.
In Philly, they’re calling this collaborative initiative “The Creative Economy,” and as Neil Kleinman, Senior Fellow of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at UArts, explains in-depth in the below video, it’s already having measurable results.


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Steve said...

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